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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 20, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we have new video of a house fire near an east bay country club. also breaking news in san francisco, these are live pictures and we are right there, a water main break, this could affect cable car services this morning. it is cold out there and it will be sunny today but is there any more rain in the forecast.
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. water problems in north beach, how this could affect the famous cable cars. >> it is a highly contagious blood infection found at two north bay high schools. a mother is in mourning after her missing baby girl is found dead and we have more on why the mother is questioning law enforcement more on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to wednesday february
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february 20th, i am dave clark. >> hour power house low is saying i will go visit palm springs and head over to phoenix and that's where it is heading but we get behind that sun, lots of 50s. here is sal. good morning, westbound 24 as a matter of fact we are doing well between walnut creek and oakland and it's doing well in san jose as well, let's go back to the desk. breaking news out of contra costa and firefighters are battling a huge fire in mt. diablo. that fire started at an older home right near the mt. diablo country club, no word on any injuries or what caused that
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fire but brian flores is headed to the scene and he will have more when he gets there. we have been following this since 4:30 this morning, there was a water-main break, the location mason and filbert in san francisco. we have been on the scene live and water surs visit has been cut -- service has been cut to a two block area and pg&e is waiting to cut off gasoline and they can fix a broken 12-inch water pipe and this is pictures of the area the damage is taking place and cable car service in the area will be disrupted today scorious will doing -- so crews will be out there to fix it and we will bring you the latest.
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a 17-year-old student from petaluma was hospitalized with a highly contagious blood infection. tara moriarty is here to tell us it was cause by a bacteria which can develop into meningitis, tara? >> reporter: first parents here were put on alert and then at casa grand do and doctors done think they have -- don't think they have the same illness but that is because the studios not have a lot of friends but they are taking no chances. saturday, one student became ill and collapsed they discovered the 17-year-old contracted a deadly virus and they sent out a warning with auto mated phone calls, those who had close contact with him should contact officials.
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it is called meningitis, and the disease is treated with antibiotics but if not treated it can lead to death in all cases. it can be contracted by kissing sharing drinks and coughing. as 14th's condition as of yesterday, he had -- at for the teen's condition, we will have reaction from other parents about what happened, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the chp is blaming a wrong way driver for ahead on crash near tracy this morning. it happened shortly after midnight near north flynn road. now the investigators say that the driver of a white car was going in the wrong lane when he
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went head-on with the driver of a toyota camera. both drivers suffered sir -- serious injuries and chp is investigating whether alcohol played a role. a missing baby from monterey county has been found dead. janine de la vega has more  questions that are being raised by the baby's mother, jeanine? >> reporter: the mother is grieving but the mother is also questioning how law enforcement handled this case. angel was covered up by brush in a field on the outskirts of the area. jesus espinosa led them to her body and he is the boyfriend. he took her on a routine visit and espinosa made excuses as to why he had not brought her home
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and as family feared, he was supposed to bring her back the day of the super bowl at 5:00 and his daughter called and she said they were going on a trip to disney land and she was lying for their dad and they never went to l.a >> police department found him and for the past two days they searched in monterey county where he lived. they don't know how or when angel was killed. the mother expressed she is frustrated that the amber alert was not issued. sheriff's deputies said the reason it was not was because they did not have anything specific they could attach to the case. they are working with their affiliate to get an interview with the family. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. new information about christopher dorner, the former lapd suspected of killing four
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people. he talked at least -- stalked 5 officials before the killing rampage began. all of them had direct ties to fire christopher dorner. they covered a complete investigation as to how he was fired and he claimed he was the target of racism while he worked for the lapd. we are finding out more about spending cuts due to take affect march 1st. he wants congress to make a deal to avoid the so called sequester cuts. coming up, how those cuts could affect the economy right here in california. right now 6:07 they want to go to sal, check in on the commute, hopefully there are no problems. >> it is better than it was yesterday when we had a little bit of rain and we are looking at the commute at the bay bridge and it is about an 8 to 10 minute delay and i am looking at my chp list which is
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nice. looking at the bridge itself, it is just a touch windy and nothing to be concerned about just both hands on the wheel. the winds are blowing everything out and we have a lot of clear visibility, you can see it in our traffic cameras. a little bit of slow traffics as you drive through. southbound 87 there is a minor accident on the shoulder, let's go to steve at 6:08. >> our low is near southern california into arizona, the cool cold dry area, there is a lot of 20s being reported, we had some okay rain. unfortunately we don't see any coming in any time soon. quarter of an inch exactly as advertised. quarter inch in napa, same in
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morgan hill, fremont a third, oakland a third, everybody is so close october/november and december we turned the tap off and boy did we. 7.99 in san francisco, we can find a lot more than that. all are below and continuing to drop, i don't see anything upstream not for the next 5 to 7 days, arizona has impacted spring training and after that it will clear out and be cold. i saw in the oak landis trick the 2 -- oakland district 28, scott valley santa cruz mountains around 20 to 29, it will be sunny but breezy, code morning but breezy,
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temperatures are staying on the cool side, we are below average, upper 50s and very low 60s and in fact we should be around 60 to 65. we are staying slightly below average, cool and breezy as we go into the weekend. well, the bay area is off to a chilly start, following a stormy day that included rain, hail and even a tornado. yesterday's system also brought snow to the mountain tops. mt. diablo is still blanketed with snow. some people made their way with sleds to play a bit, san jose, they are also covered in snow. they brought a small tornado to the sacramento area, it happened at 1:30 yesterday afternoon and win speeds were reportedly up to 70 miles per hour, look at those pictures. >> amazing. we are following that explosion in kansas city
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missouri where 14 people were hurt, what we found out about an hour ago about that blast. plus the actions santa cruz is taking after a few violent incidents on campus. you can't move the tv there.
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is. coming up, kansas city missouri more on that a dozen people were hurt in the fire and the one person who had been
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missing was found. the crews are out there searching for another missing person and it happened at a restaurant in a popular shopping plaza. 14 people were hurt, at least two critically and that explosion was found several blocks away. the explosion hit and it hit you like a shock wave. >> reporter: a contractor who was doing underground work may have hit a natural gas line and may have triggered that explosion. a group that supports same- sex marriage produced a coalition featuring clips of president barack obama, former first lady laura bush and former vice-president dick cheney expressing support for same-sex marriage. the goal is to show there is bipartisan support for same-sex
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marriages. automatic cuts are expected to go into effect from kyla campbell from our washington d.c. newsroom and it's expected to take a big toll on california. kyla? >> reporter: california would loose more than any other state if these cuts go into effect. california stands to lose $8 billion in defense contractor revenue and more than 15,000 civilians could lose their jobs with the department of defense and 15,000 people dote tall could -- people total could lose their jobs due to these cuts. lawmakers are on a week long break until monday and that gives them four days to come up with a deal. house republicans voted twice to make what they call common- sense cuts to avoid the spending slashing and senate democrats didn't vote on that legislation and they will be
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reviewing their own ideas next week. without a plan, the economy will suffer. >> it will make a difference to unemployment a little bit but also just to boost profits and wages and salaries more general. california's more than 170,000 federal valeries -- salaries will have to be given notice before they are furloughed and we will have more when i see you next, kyla campbell, washington d.c. ktvu channel 2 morning news. they had several violent incidents and the escorts will be announced at a safety of campus forum. students will be able to use that service between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 at night. they will be meeting tonight and talking about the attacks
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and they will also announce a reward. the most recent one happened yesterday afternoon at the u.s. bank branch inside the safe way at the hamilton area. they demanded money but did not show a weapon and the suspects described as being similar to that of a man who robbed u.s. bank branches in roaner park last week. they are now offering reward for information leading to an arrest. the number of drug overdose deaths are up for the 11th straight year. most involved addictive pain killers. drugs like oxy cotton and anti- anxiety drugs like valium were blamed for overdoses. they are set to take affect
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in 30 days and the council had a second and final vote after the two year moratorium marijuana dispensary ends in april. is it could cause celebrations in north beach. they have agreed to store tunnel digging machines at the north beach theater. the pass gold palace will be torn down and they will be used to store two huge tunnel digging machines. they will be in the middle of columbia bus avenue and that upset a lot of people in that area. looking at oakland, how is the commute there. >> it looks good, as a matter of fact traffic is doing well on 880 northbound and a lot of people also want to know about 580 westbound and that looks good getting up to the mcarthur maze and also at the bay bridge toll plaza, now we have a delay
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of i would say about 12 minutes here at the toll plaza, it is backed up unless you are in the carpool lane which means you are getting through without any delay. if you are driving, we are looking at that crash, not a major one, we just want to let you know it's there but for the most part we are off to a decent start in santa clara valley, let's go to steve. >> your voice sounds better, sal. >> he was struggling. upper 20s and 30s, it is a breezy pattern, cold lows, a little warmer, a cool pattern into the weekend, breezy and i don't think there will be anymore rain. san francisco, 48 degrees, it should be closer to 60, we'll see a little warmer weather, 41 to start, we will go 56 sunny and breezy, we take you back 54 hours which comes down in the
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gulf of alaska. i would have given a lot more reports of hail, maybe even lower snow levels, it is enough, heading into southern arizona, it comes out of the four corners, napa, 28, it is a cold morning all over the place but as the system moves out, it takes clouds cover with it and sunny and breezy, gusts are higher and higher elevations also along the coast. 50s for many or very, very low is 60s, we are still below average on the temperatures and it would be that way, cooler and breezy on saturday as well. >> thank you, steve. holiday spending may interfear with their ability to go to credit card bills on time. three more months overdue jumped in the last part of 2012 but the average amount jumped and that's down from the previous year.
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safe ways new fast forward card designed to make shopping easier and they placed the links to a customer's checking account and loyalty card and phone number, that way they can punch in the number and move towards safe way by not having a bank bush for a credit card. why are some comparing it to las vegas. and fun and games at an oregon is due, the reason it was trained to do a slam dunk -- the reason this mammal was trained to do a slam dunk.
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. the examiner reports says nightlife on polk street is out of control. however the business commission welcomes the economic boom from the big crowds and david has proposed any new bars between far row and california streets. a hearing is set for next month. a california man is accused of using the dating website
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christian to rape christian women. he is accused of raping a woman in her home in november. police say it took several months to find banks because he used different aliases online. police think there may be more victims. >> this individual traveled around a lot and there are victims potentially outside of san diego county which could be a victim. >> banks pled not guilty and is out on a $500,000 bond. the owner of christian mingle is cooperating with police and is developing tools to ensure safety. reportedly more than 400 almonds are growing all over california and they want to ensure sales but they are
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having a tough time getting bees to pollinate them. out of state bee owners face fees as well as tougher inspections. watch this, -- watch this, a sea otter is an expert at slam dunking in fact he is so good he rarely misses. there is an important reason why eddie was trained to slam dunk, he has arthritis and that way he can he exercise his giants. sal is good -- his joints. i don't think i can do that. sal is good too. >> i don't think i can do that. not having rain today has really helped us out, this is a look getting up to the 280 interchange and traffic is
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looking good, we have a very nice looking commute headed to the bottom of the hill with no problems and we watched 580 westbound and there has not been a lot going on. let's go to steve. it is cold out there, upper 20s, even low 40s and 30s in san francisco. san rafael 37, i saw 33 in mill valley and napa airport has 27 and calls towing 2 -- calistoga 28, even in the santa cruz mountains and palo alto all 32 degrees, concord 33 it will be sunny but not very warm. temperatures will struggle to stay in the upper 50s or very, very low of 0s. -- office. still -- 60l1sl0. still ahead, a big fire ripping through a home in mt. diablo, we will have a live
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report caused by all those flames. we have a muddy mess which could affect the morning commute and we will tell you how and when heavy machinery will be brought in. and also topping the news on wall street, we will explain more coming up. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a reward flight.
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. welcome back, we want to talk about office depot and office max, they announced amendinger and they announced they are officially merging and both stocks are indicating may be more than 5% each, we will let you know if it will affect any stores. >> we will smile and say good
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morning, welcome to ktvu channel 2 morning news, middle of the week, february 20th, i am dave clark. good morning, we are following developing news out of contra costa county, an early morning house fire damage add home and brian flores just got to the area and has some details for us. brian? >> reporter: we are here in the 100 block of the alameda country club and you can see smoke is still coming from this house from the san ramon area and crews here are looking for any hot spots but it appears for the most part the fire is out but crews will be here for the next hour trying to make sure there are no hot spots as i mentioned. this was shown from a ktvu channel 2 morning news viewer. you can see the flames were
6:34 am
pretty intense and the fire started just before 5:00 a.m. this morning. they are still not clear on what caused it but it appears it is a complete loss and the fire protection district, it took about an hour to douse it and they are looking for fire in the back part of the house and the house is right next door to a golf course. they did put out the fire around 5:45 as we were pulling up here and they continue to stay looking for hot spots. we just got done speaking with the home ender and -- homeowner and they say the fire started in the back part of the house and we will hear from the homeowner's as well coming up on morning's on 2. live in mt.
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diablo, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. also developing news in san francisco, crews are busy trying to figure out what caused a water-main break and the repairs may take awhile. they are out there at mason and filbert, there is a broken 12- inch pipe with a mess out there, claudine? >> we know where this pipe is, it is a 12-inch pipe, pretty decent sized water-main, you can see there is a pile of mud which is still sitting there and they have to get that cleaned up and this will affect traffic going through there. they have not blocked off the roadway but take a look at the gentleman across the street, they are watching the tracks right now, because usually the mason cable line, they have
6:36 am
stopped their this and folks here are instead on a bus of shuttles going around the area. that man told me the plan is to get somebody down here to look at the tracks and if they are clear of degree they will start them running again. at 3:00 a.m. you can see the water was really going down the street and a resident told us they tried to turn on their faucet, couldn't get any water to come on and came out here and they saw quite a sight. crews were trying to figure out where that water was coming from and they finally determined it was coming from a 12-inch pipe and the supervisor described what the plan was to fix it. >> we are trying to concentrate where the break is, excavating
6:37 am
that and repairing it. it is all due to be determined right now. >> reporter: does this whole street have to be dug up? >> i am just going to say that side right now. >> reporter: okay, so just one side has to have heavy machinery and one thing, if you take a look at the model, this car was empty and they very sleepily had to remove them from those spaces and many people have to make sure when they dig down they don't hit cables and then they will start the process of digging most of that up and they will be working for most of the day, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, pg&e is investigating two separate power outages in san rafael,
6:38 am
one blackout is still affecting homes and businesses this morning. a car hit a pole knocking out power to about 3500 customers. that number is down to 66 homes and businesses, pg&e does expect to restore power to everyone soon. there was also a much larger power outage in san rafael, lights went out shortly after 6:00 affecting some homes and businesses including one where safe way is, pg&e was ready to store power to everyone and it was cause by a downed power pole but that investigation is still continuing. they are investigating the death of a homeless woman who was hit by cars and killed. it happened while she was looking for her lost dog. it happened on the road and the woman was looking for her lost
6:39 am
dog when she stepped out into staff, she was hit by two cars and killed. both drivers are cooperating with investigators. oakland city council voted to set aside more than $60,000 to keep chp out there patrolling city streets. now the money approved will go forwards part-time patrols and will continue for two months. the funding should keep the chp officers on the job until the latest graduates get ready to hit the streets. they were out there patrolling since november and the state has been paying for it until now. apple was a rare victim of a hacking attack. a small number of macintosh computers at their offices were designed and they say it is similar to the a fact of hacking last week.
6:40 am
they used a flaw in the item to carry out attacks. coming up at 6:45 why the chinese say the evidence is not technical proof. boy did they get snow, 8 to 10 inches of snow from yesterday's storm in fact we are looking at them live, this is interstate 808 in king -- 880 in king veil. chains are required for any highways on 88 and the freeway. the interstate was shut down yesterday because of several spin outs and crashes and there were no major seer yours juries
6:41 am
and it made a nice little snow ban right there. they can even go sledding as well and it was not easy to get to the snow. people had to hike to the summit after road conditions prompted a road closure. time now 6:38 let's check in with sal, there is a north area running through, you can see traffic is slowing down and it's taking longer to clear and the alternate route is 580 westbound and people are hearing about this crash and pretty soon 580 will be clear. you can see how this traffic we normally see is moving quite a bit faster but it is not moving faster now. bay bridge is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and if you are driving on the commute
6:42 am
here in the santa clara valley, we are looking at the commute -- i am clicking on -- believe it or not i am looking on the significant alert for the great vine. it looks like the traffic may be affixed by ice. let's go to if steve. well, yesterday, i thought it was a blast, we had snow, reports of hail, i actually saw some at 2:45 my friend said there it is, there it is, but the fact that it was there, it may for an active day. cold lows and i can't find
6:43 am
anymore rain. the average is closer to 60 and most averages will be between 60 and 65. 52 will go for a high of 56. concord was only 49, 52 in santa rosa. today upper 50s and it usually helps sonoma airport and there is our low all the way to southern california and moving into arizona and los vegas. would this be a big weather producer and it will be sunny and breezy, 28 napa, 30s for many 40s and it's a cool, cold morning for many and you don't have to go far to find low 30s. high pressure building to the north and that equals sunny and breezy, temperatures are still below average and we will stay in the 50s and very low 60s. temperatures are not rebounding but the lows will still be
6:44 am
cold, mostly sunny and breezy chilly on friday, mostly sunny. new developments in the murder case of oscar pistorius, the judge will grant him bail. a bloodies cease can lead to men greats. goods morning i am tell you more about the bay area commute and bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. cold this morning, sunny and breezy, temperatures are in the 50s. welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, right now at 6:45 they are bat ago big fire in diablo, flames broke out at about 4:45 at this home near the diablo country club and right now there is no word of any injuries. water service is back on to homes in north beach, there was minor street flooding after a
6:48 am
12-inch water-main broke. cable service has been halted in this area and later today, an autopsy will be performed on a 10 month old girl found dead in salinas. jesus espinosa believed to be the baby's father is now facing abduction and murder. a student was found with a highly contagious blood infection. it was caused by an infection that can term deadly. >> reporter: they received an auto mated -- automated call that anybody with close contact needed to contact health officials and that's because the 17-year-old suddenly fell ill and collapsed. doctors discovered he
6:49 am
contracted a bloc blood born bacteria which could develop into meningitis. it is called meningitis and can lead to these symptoms, high fever, rash, stiff neck, the disease is treated with antibiotics but if left untreated it can lead to death in all cases. it is caused by kissing, sharing how tensiles and deading coughed on. if you think you have the bug it can develop into an infectionment as 14th, he is still listed in serious condition and we are still trying to talk to parents and students as they begin to trickle into school to get some reaction. new this morning, the oscar pistorius bail hearing has concluded for the day. he appeared under heavy police
6:50 am
security and analyzing the court questions, they believe the judge will grant oscar pistorius bail tomorrow. they questioned whether a world famous athlete could be a flight risk. they found two boxes of testosterone and needels the night they found his girlfriend but they say it was an her ball remedy not performance enhancing drugs. the report timed cyber attacks to a secret chinese military unit wronging out of shanghai were wrong. now the defense ministry said nearly linking the i p addresses and this facility is not technical proof. it may take a few days to identify the bones.
6:51 am
a hiker found a skull and bones and clothing found nearby indicate that the person was a man. stamford hit fundraising milestone and they topped $1 billion. it is the first school to raise that amount of money in a single year. they are no strain engineer for fundraising and it has done it for eight years in a row. by the way uc berkeley was the top for fundraising and they totaled $405 million. we have an update on that crash in oakland from sal. that's right, 880 northbound at and embarcadero, they are doing their best to clear it but the traffic is hurting northbound and the roof camera, we will will show it.
6:52 am
traffic is backed up and you can see traffic is very slow coming up and that's not typical in fact traffic is backing up all the way down and pretty soon our other 880 camera down by the coliseum will start showing a backup and that is really bad because it takes a long time for that to unwind. let's make it 15 minutes passed the 880 over crossing and if you are driving in san mateo county, it looks good and on the other side of the bay between hayward and fremont only 8 minutes, let's go to steve. a cold morning, i have see lots of reports on the opening in grenada, which it is a little unusual to scrape ice off the windows.
6:53 am
i am seen, they are all in payment paltrow, the rainfall is exactly -p what is advertised, quarter of an inch and we have numerous reports of hail and very low snow levels which is really cool and thanks to everyone on twitter who sent out that information, it is very valuable and makes my job a lot easier. move, it is gone, -- puff, it is gone, nothing will bring it back, maybe over the next seven to 10 days, san francisco 79 and you can find a lot more rain in that 7.99 not far away. in arizona on the backside of that the breeze has picked up and the cool air has filtered in and i have seen upper 30s in san francisco and upper 30s in oakland as well. below that, they are closed and
6:54 am
spring training games will be on hold today. cold in the 50s or very low 60s, these are still below average on the temperatures and temperatures this time of year should be between 60 and 65. i don't see that but cooler by friday. the construction of new products -- products hit 98% and it is still the third busiest month for housing starts since 2008. sony is expected to unveil its newest version of the play station and they have not revealed any information about the device other than a brief announcement encouraging cameras to quote, see the future and they say it will have more technical power.
6:55 am
nfl is playing hardball with the oakland raiders and why they will not get the same financial dream. japanese boeing investigators found something which may explain the battery problems.
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6:58 am
. a live look at the big bored, dow jones industrial average is down, i just want to check in on office depot and office max, right now it is trading down a little bit, 56, new this -- 656, one on board battery over heated and the 787 which made the emergency landing said it was improperly wired and it was improperly connected and they are maintaining by boeing more analysis is needed. they remain endowed and they will not loan them money like they did with the 49ers. there is not enough corporate interest at this time and
6:59 am
meanwhile the a's show no interest in staying in jack london square and the golden state warriors continue to eye a move to san francisco. well, they are asking whether they are going to host the 2024 summer olympics. they sent letters to 35 major cities and other places include new york, chicago and los angeles and it would exceed $8 billion not including construction and they expressed interest in the 2024 gomes including -- games, including paris and rome. northbound traffic is slowing down because of that earlier crash we had near downtown oakland and you can see how it is a affecting traffic, also looking at the livermore valley, we have more slowed traffic there, let's


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